september 20th 2019

12:00-2:00pm EST

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

401 Smyth Road, Ottawa ON


CSFJ Connect is a national event that brings STEM-driven students together from across the country through digital conferencing. Over the course of two hours, award-winning youth scientists hailing from across Canada will present and discuss their research with classrooms, educators, and researchers across the country. CSFJ Connect aims to provide a space for young scientists to empower their peers, share their interests, and build a strong community of youth scientists.

Digital conferencing platforms allow for voices to be heard and ideas to be created across distances, time zones, and cities. The CSFJ believes that every young scientist has a story that deserves to be heard, and that STEM-driven students everywhere should have access to networks and means to connect with like-minded learners. Through live conferencing, the CSFJ aims to adhere to its mandate of accessibility while providing an innovative space for children and youth from all over to engage in the scientific community.

2019 SPeaker Panel

Emceed by Dr. Richard Webster, Biostatistician & Methodologist

Brendon Matusch

Owen Mcnally


shana Lanke

Bruce Porter

Mac Dykeman

Jonah Leinwand

How to Join

Attendance to CSFJ Connect is free - all you need is internet access and some working speakers! A live viewing party will be held at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa.

For those looking to join remotely, register as a general attendee here before September 20th and you will be sent an electronic link to the conference room:

If you are an educator, teacher, or would like to register a classroom, register as an educator here before September 20th to receive an electronic link to the conference room:

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