Frequently Asked questions

For students

How do I submit my project?

To submit your project, simply email your project in Word document format to our email address: If you don’t have your article in Word format yet, don’t worry! You can still send it to us and we’ll pair you up with a university student mentor who will help you get your work ready for publication.

Do I have to be a science fair participant to submit my project?

Certainly not! While many of the published articles were presented at science fairs, we welcome school projects, classroom submissions, and individual research projects. We know there is tonnes of incredible research out there that hasn’t been presented at science fairs, and we would be delighted to publish any and all research by Canadian children and youth.

Do you reject projects for publication?

At the moment we don’t reject projects for publication - once articles are submitted, authors are paired with university mentors who perform a collaborative peer-review with them. This involves checking for plagiarism, ensuring references are formatted correctly, and checking for any major issues that may need to be fixed.

What will I get out of this?

Scientific publication is a critical step in any research process. Publication and dissemination opens doors for young researchers by introducing them to international networks of professionals in their fields. It also allows researchers to share their findings with other like-minded scientists and fosters community and collaboration. Not only will you have the opportunity to share your work with a national audience, but you will also be able to enhance your resume with a publication, have your work permanently online in a clean, accessible format, and get free print copies of your research to give to family and friends.

How long after I submit will my project be published?

Due to the large volume of submissions we have received for the 2019-2020 season, we will be publishing articles online on a month-to-month basis; these articles will also be published in one of three print issues over the course of the year. Publication order is on a first come first serve basis.

For Parents

Will my child's personal information be shared? 

We recognize that privacy is a concern for many parents. It is important to note that this journal is open access and thus may be seen by anyone. We do ask for photos and school names/hometown, however please note that this information is recommended only and not required. Please be sure the manuscript does not contain any sensitive information such as addresses or phone numbers.

Is there a chance my child will be rejected?

The CSFJ will only turn down an article if it does not meet the complete requirements or contains plagiarized content. At this stage, the journal is publishing all methodologically sound articles. We do not wish to discourage young scientists by rejecting their work, and hope to work with students to develop the quality of their submissions should they require. 

Am I required to sign off?

Parents or teachers are required to sign off on a student’s manuscript to attest the work’s originality. The Statement of Originality can be found under "For Teachers/Parents".