Brendon Matusch, CWSF 2018 Best Project Winner

Hello, my name is Brendon Matusch! I'm a 16-year-old high school student and deep learning researcher from Sudbury, Ontario. I'm currently collaborating with researchers at the Vector Institute on a project relating to unsupervised reinforcement learning. Prior to this, I worked with SNOLAB to apply deep learning to dark matter detection, and developed a self-driving vehicle based on an electric go-kart.

Other than deep learning, my interests include long-distance running, playing the piano, and participating in hackathons. I hope to go to university for software engineering, and my long-term goal is to work in the deep learning/AI industry of Silicon Valley. 

Bruce Porter, CWSF 2019 Gold Medallist

I am a 14-year-old, Grade 9 student from Whitehorse, Yukon. I have participated in two Canada-Wide Science Fairs and am in the process of publishing my second article in the CSFJ. I will also be attending the MILSET Expo Science International in Abu Dhabi. Science has given me so many opportunities! The CSFJ has provided an audience for me to share my findings with. Most recently, I have been working on microplastic research in Yukon. This is something that affects all of us, so it is very exciting to share it across Canada!

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Darshana Lanke, CWSF 2018 Finalist

My name is Darshana and I am a grade 11 student at Walter Murray Collegiate. I am a curious person and I enjoy questioning my surroundings to learn more about our world. I have participated in Science Fair Competitions since Grade 7 working on topics related to wheat varieties and celiac disease. I have published my latest science fair project with the Canadian Science Fair Journal. I also have a passion for learning languages which is why I am in the French immersion program and I can speak 4 different languages (English, French, Hindi and Marathi). I love to sing! I am part of the Saskatoon Children’s Choir, my school choir and am pursuing the Royal Conservatory of Music program for voice. I have recently returned from my Eastern Canada Peace Tour with the Saskatoon Children’s Choir.



Owen McNally, Ottawa Science Fair Participant

Owen McNally is a grade 7 student at Westboro Academy in Ottawa. Aside from his love for science, he is a passionate hockey player!

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Jonah Leinwand, CWSF 2019 Finalist

Jonah Leinwand recently graduated high school from Lisgar Collegiate Institute and is currently a first year student at the University of Waterloo studying Biomedical Engineering. Jonah attended the SHAD program in the summer of 2018at Mount Allison University and is passionate about the design process and creating products to improve public health and safety. Jonah attended the Canada Wide Science Fair in 2019 for his project on building a filter to remove particulate matter from the air after a wildfire. In his spare time, Jonah plays the alto saxophone, plays basketball, and collects Monopoly board games.

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Mac Dykeman, CWSF 2018 Best Junior Project

Mac Dykeman is a grade 9 student at Langley Fine Arts School in Fort Langley, British Columbia, she plays the harp, oboe and cello.  Inspired by her experiences ordering chicks through hatcheries via mail, she set out to find a way to improve shipping conditions for day old chicks, so that injuries and stress could be reduced. Her research led her to design a new type of shipping container which improves shipping conditions for day old chicks by lowering injury and mortality rates.

Mac represented the 4-H Canada Region as a finalist at the 2018 Canada Wide Science Fair where she won an Excellence Award-Junior- Gold Medal; the Platinum Award- Best Junior Project; the Challenge Award – Innovation-Junior; Youth Can Innovate Award-Junior; Carson Wagonlit Award-Junior; and a Western University Gold Medalist Entrance Scholarship, with her project "Safer Chick-Ments: An Innovative Solution to Reducing Stress in Chick Shipments". She was also the Canadian Delegate to Broadcom at the Intel International Science fair, and at the end of the month she will be heading to Abu Dhabi in the UAE with the Canadian Delegation to the MILSET Science Expo. Mac is continuing her research in this area working to develop better shipping boxes for other types birds. Mac hopes to study Bio Archeology at Oxford when she finishes high school.

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